The advantages of IDS for upstream oil and gas

When you opt for an Integrated Drive System, Siemens provides all the components and ensures that they all work together perfectly, removing any need to coordinate and communicate between multiple manufacturers. This not only eliminates headaches; it also cuts out a lot of unnecessary costs. And because engineering time is reduced by up to 30%, you can make it to market that much sooner — with a system that’s designed to deliver maximum reliability and productivity.

Brochure: Optimizing the oil and gas industry

Oil and Gas Upstream brochure

Typically, end-users have to accept responsibility for coordinating drive train suppliers and ensuring all drive components work together properly, but not with IDS.

Flyer: Integrated Drive Systems for offshore drilling and production

Drive Systems for offshore

Siemens evaluates the cost drivers of each IDS component, scrutinizes design parameters, and optimizes component sizing to create an efficient, dependable system.

Video: Expert insights on offshore platforms

Offshore Expert

Siemens IDS minimize the effects of pitch and roll on offshore platforms by providing concise control and clear harmonics.

Video: Expert insights on offshore drilling rigs

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Siemens reduces the costs associated with drive train maintenance and engineering by providing a single source for perfectly matched components.

Case study: Pumps in the oil and gas industry

Pumps in gas industry

Pumps are an essential part of any oil and gas operation, which is why Siemens engineers its IDS to reduce component stress and maximize reliability.