IDS for the mining and minerals industry

As the mining industry trends toward increasingly demanding environments, Siemens Integrated Drive Systems (IDS) are rising to the challenge. IDS provide engineering solutions for conveyors and crushers that increase capacity, improve speed and torque control, minimize downtime and reduce energy costs. Each drive train is engineered for optimal compatibility, which not only increases availability and efficiency; it also limits wear and tear to extend the life of the entire system.

Whitepaper: Modernization Benefits for Excavators

Gopal Madhavarao – Product Manager (Excavators) Process Industries and Drive Division – Mobile Mining Siemens Industry Inc discusses Modernization Benefits for Excavators

Case study: Innovative service keeps mine producing 24/7/365

Robinson Mine with Integrated Drive Systems case study

When shutdowns cost up to $100,000 an hour, mine modernization efforts have to be ultra-efficient. For Robinson Mining, Siemens was able to cut downtime from 21 days to just 72 hours.

Case study: Rotary kilns for the cement industry

Rotary Kilns for Cement Industry

In a continuously operating plant, equipment availability is critical, which is why Siemens designs each Integrated Drive System to meet or exceed all known factors.

Case study: Horizontal mills for the cement industry

Horizontal Mills with Integrated Drive Systems case study

Siemens offers Integrated Drive Systems that address key challenges with ball mills, such as high starting torque, design overlap and inching efficiency.

Case study: Horizontal mills for the mining industry

Horizontal Mills for Mining Industry

Siemens IDS reduce the energy and maintenance costs associated with horizontal mills while balancing operational flexibility with faster delivery times.

Case study: Conveyors for the mining industry

Integrated Drive Sysytems for Conveyors case study

Environmental challenges are always a concern for conveyors, but Siemens IDS provide solutions that are tailored to each application’s demands, from topography to temperature.

Case study: Crushers for the mining industry

Integrated Drive Systems for Crushers

Choosing from thousands of component combinations, Siemens engineers optimize Integrated Drive Systems to help mineral operators maximize throughput.

Video: Robinson Mining increases efficiency with IDS

Mining Industry video

When upgrading Robinson Mining’s cycloconverter drive, Siemens was able to keep downtime to just three days, thanks to the engineering efficiency of IDS.

Case study: Vertical mills for mining

Vertical Mills for Mining Industry

Adding an Integrated Drive System to a vertical mill facilitates greater material flexibility, process-specific speed control and optimized grinding.

Case study: Mine operator reduces cost with Siemens integrated drive systems

Mine reduces costs with Integrated Drive Systems case study

For years, a mining company had been using a multivendor drive train sourcing process that was time-consuming and costly — and then it discovered Siemens IDS.