The advantages of IDS for midstream oil and gas

Transporting oil and gas thousands of kilometers across the country requires a reliable and efficient system — and Siemens Integrated Drive Systems (IDS) deliver. IDS can be used to increase throughput, reliability and performance in any midstream compression, pumping or gas injection applications. Each component is engineered to complement the others — and the application itself — which promotes energy efficiency and optimizes dynamic performance. Best yet: it’s a one-stop solution, which means no more multivendor coordination or wasteful overengineering.

Flyer: Integrated Drive Systems for LNG and pipeline applications

Drive System for LNG and pipeline applications flyer

One of the most reliable solutions in the world, Siemens Integrated Drive Systems support large- and small-scale LNG in midstream pipeline applications.

Case study: IDS replaces steam turbine-driven compressor

Integrated Drive Systems replace steam turbine

Siemens streamlines a complex upgrade for a leading supplier of explosives and fertilizer by providing a single source for all its drive train components.

Case study: Siemens system helps boost well safety and productivity

Siemens boosts well safety and productivity case study

Siemens was the only bidder to guarantee it was possible to certify a 2,000 Hp explosion-proof motor in the U.S. as part of an Integrated Drive System.

Case study: Compression in the oil and gas industry

Integrated Drive Systems for compression case study

Pipeline automation relies heavily on the reliability of its compressors, which is why Siemens IDS are designed to reduce downtime and maximize availability.

Case study: eLNG for large-scale liquefaction facilities

Siemens Integrated Drive System components are engineered for optimal productivity to keep LNG plants up and running — and profits flowing — at all times.

Case study: MicroLNG with Siemens Integrated Drive Systems

MicroLNG with Siemens case study

To maximize flexibility, Siemens IDS include a movable enclosure that’s designed to withstand harsh conditions and operate in varying climates.

Video: Expert insights on LNG for the oil and gas industry

Expert insights on LNG for oil and gas video

Siemens is the only supplier with experience in the 40–70 MW power range, and that experience is built into every IDS solution for LNG applications. Watch video >

Article: TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline solutions

TransCanada and Siemens partner read article

Siemens IDS helped TransCanada reduce the number of pumping stations needed along the Keystone XL pipeline to speed oil transport and boost profits

Article: Keystone XL supports manufacturing jobs for years

Keystone XL supports manufacturing jobs

Peter Hoglund, vice president of the Siemens oil and gas and marine business unit, discusses the positive impact Keystone XL has had on U.S. manufacturing operations.

Video: Expert insights on pipeline terminals

Expert insights on pipeline terminals video

Siemens IDS solutions can be customized to fit any application’s needs by mixing and matching the required components — motor, drive, gearbox and / or coupling.