What IDS do for engineers

IDS for Engineers

With Integrated Drive Systems, you don't have to worry about coordinating engineering, startup, spare parts or repairs across multiple vendors. By sourcing your entire drive train from Siemens, you get a one-stop solution that's optimized for maximum productivity. In addition to reducing engineering time by up to 30%, purchasing a Siemens Integrated Drive System also leads to greater efficiency and reliability, resulting in a lower TCO over the life of the system.

Case study: Ensure maximum reliability for motor duty cycles

maximum reliability case study

Siemens evaluates motor duty issues that affect system efficiency and performance up front to ensure optimal compatibility and reliability of the drive system.

Case study: Ensure voltage stress compatibility for motor and drive

High voltage case study

As a single-source supplier, Siemens optimizes the drive train to eliminate unnecessary stress on individual components and extend the system’s lifecycle.

White paper: Optimizing drive systems for energy savings

Energy savings whitepaper

As the largest consumer of power in most applications, the drive train also represents the largest opportunity for energy-efficiency optimization.

White paper: Optimized for lower costs, higher performance and maximum reliability

maximum reliability whitepaper

By defining the expectations, requirements and functionality of the drive system, IDS components work together seamlessly to optimize any application.