IDS Videos

Integrated drive systems in practice

Integrated Drive Systems boosts availability video

As demand increases and tasks become more complex, the efficient technology offered by IDS can help boost availability and shorten your plant’s time to profit.

Profit potential of energy efficiency

Motors dirive profit video

See real-world examples of how IDS has helped industrial facilities save millions of dollars by improving the energy efficiency of their operations.

Expert insights: Offshore platforms

Offshore platforms solutions video

Siemens IDS minimize the effects of pitch and roll on offshore platforms by providing concise control and clear harmonics.

Expert insights: Offshore drill rigs

Offshore drillrig solutions video

Siemens reduces the costs associated with drive train maintenance and engineering by providing a single source for perfectly matched components.

Expert insights: Pipeline terminals

Pipeline terminals solutions video

Siemens IDS solutions can be customized to fit any application’s needs by mixing and matching the required components — motor, drive, gearbox and / or coupling.

Expert insights: LNG

LNG solutions video

Siemens is the only supplier with experience in the 40–70 MW power range, and that experience is built into every IDS solution for LNG applications.

Robinson Mining: Efficiency

Mine efficiency video

When upgrading Robinson Mining’s cycloconverter drive, Siemens was able to keep downtime to just three days, thanks to the engineering efficiency of IDS.