Arc Advisory Group Analyzes IDS

Welcome to the latest ARC Advisory Group whitepaper on Integrated Drive Systems -
The Evolution of Integrated Drive Systems.

Sal Spada, Director of Research for the ARC Advisory Group, details the Evolution of Integrated Drive Systems as an update to the 2013 whitepaper, Integrated Drive Systems. In the 2016 paper, you will read two case studies that show how key Oil and Gas and Pulp and Paper customers utilize the Integrated Drive System approach from Siemens to lower costs and increase uptime. Other key topics in the paper you will learn are:

  • Domain of Integrated Drive Systems Applications

  • Disruption of Business Practices

  • Customer Benefits of Solutions vs. Components

  • Project Management Critical to Success

  • Project Management Critical to Success

  • Midstream Natural Gas Pipeline Operator Turbine Upgrade

Click below to download the New 2016 Arc Advisory Group whitepaper, The Evolution of Integrated Drive Systems:

And, click below to download the 2013 ARC Group whitepaper on Integrated Drive Systems: