Solutions for Shale

Process Instrumentation and Analytics Solutions for Shale Oil and Gas Production

Horizontal drilling with hydraulic fracturing of gas wells article

Improve your frac sand distribution.  To find out more Download a Free article by an industry expert

If you need to increase productivity with low capital and operational cost, Siemens is the solution provider to help you achieve success in any of your upstream and midstream applications.

Global trends in the supply and demand of energy and petrochemicals require constant improvement of technologies.

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frac sand level white paper

Siemens radar level transmitter provides the answer to accurate frac sand inventory monitoring

SITRANS LR560 and SITRANS RD500 remote data manager provide more reliability and accuracy in inventory control with integrated web access, alarm event handling and data capture for instrumentation.

Oilfield Technology frac sand article reprint

Oilfield Technology article: Every Grain Counts

by Herman Coello, Siemens USA

Automation solutions optimize the efficiency of utilizing native Texas sand for hydraulic fracturing operations. Instrumentation solutions may represent a small fraction of the overall cost to develop a sand processing plant, however, the impact they can have on production and efficiency is evident both during plant development and operation. Level and weighing technology can generate significant economic value.

Fracking Q and A

The Past, Present, and Future of Fracking

To shed some light on the practices and technology behind the rise of fracking, we spoke with Siemens Industry-Process Instrumentation. We covered horizontal drilling, process instrumentation, and the future of fracking.

Profibus and Modbus Comparison

We live in a multi-protocol world – and this will likely not change anytime soon. Different protocols work better in different applications.  Read an article by James Powell, P. Eng. which provides an overview of both protocols and discusses their key strengths and applications.



Siemens has a proven reputation for reliably delivering the advanced solutions that make today‘s oil & gas installations perform. Our products and solutions are found in onshore production and in pipeline networks as well as on LNG carriers down to refineries and petrochemical plants. They monitor gas or crude, control transportation networks, allow a safe operation of LNG processes and help optimize the efficiency of a refinery.



Major new infrastructure. Miles of pipelines. Vast tank farms. Gas caverns. Transporting crude oil and natural gas for further processing has always been a massive undertaking but is now undergoing major development in response to the changing upstream E&P environment. As well as pipeline and storage infrastructure, more and more investment is being put into marine transportation and seaport facilities, such as very large crude carriers (VLCCs), oil tankers, shuttle tankers, LNG tankers, LPG tankers and re-gasification vessels


Process Instrumentation and Analytics for Oil and gas downstream

Oil and gas refining represents a major challenge through the sheer scale and variety of applied technologies. Economies of scale and a persistent quest for productivity gains are among the priorities for Siemens.

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)

Coriolis mass flow meters for CNG - Compressed Natural Gas

SITRANS FCS200 and SIFLOW FC070 Coriolis mass flow meters set new standards for excellence in integration.  The ultra-compact sensor SITRANS FCS200 has ideal features for any CNG application.  SIFLOW FC070 takes the advantage of the Coriolis mass flow measuring principle into the SIMATIC world, enabling seamless integration and state-of-the-art performance.