Refrigeration Systems

What is a Refrigeration System?

Refrigeration systems within a facility include built-up ammonia and freon systems, packaged ammonia and freon chillers, free cooling chillers, glycol and water chillers, and ice builders. These systems are crucial to maintaining temperatures within specific areas of the plant with direct expansion evaporators, such as cold storage and freezers, but may also be an integral part of the process itself for product cooling.

Secondary cooling loops such as glycol and chilled water may also be used within the process, or in air handlers to maintain temperature set point around the plant.

Measurement devices for Industrial Refrigeration System

Industrial refrigeration systems require numerous data points to operate correctly. Information such as liquid flow, gas flow, liquid level, temperature, pressure, BTU’s and others are necessary to effectively run an industrial refrigeration system safely, reliably and efficiently. Siemens process instruments are designed to accurately measure and control all of these important data points.