Measurement Devices for HVAC Systems

There are many data points that are critical to efficient HVAC-R operation.  Siemens has the measurement devices necessary to run chillers, boilers, refrigeration and distribution systems, safely, reliably, and efficiently.

SITRANS F for Flow

Siemens SITRANS F flow measurement devices provide a robust platform for all HVAC/R flow applications. Our portfolio of flow measurement devices includes Magnetic, Transit Time and Doppler Clamp-On Ultrasonic, Vortex, Coriolis, Differential Pressure flow meters as well as the worlds leading line of valve positioners.

SITRANS T for Temperature

The temperature inside of your building is only the beginning. The heat energy being moved through an HVAC-R system needs to be measured as well to insure proper operation.  Siemens SITRANS T series of temperature measurement devices provides highly accurate and reliable temperature measurement for even the most critical hospital and data center applications.

SITRANS L for Level

To operate industrial HVAC-R systems safely, reliably and efficiently, many applications that require accurate level measurement are required. From chiller water treatment tanks to boiler drum level and many others, Siemens SITRANS L provides the very best level measurement solutions for all HVAC-R applications.