Level Measurement Devices for HVAC-R

Level Measurement Overview

From chiller water treatment tanks to boiler drum level and many others, Siemens SITRANS L provides the very best level measurement solutions for all HVAC-R applications.

Ultrasonic Level

Ultrasonic Level

Siemens’ range of ultrasonic controllers and transmitters are a non-contacting technology requiring little to no maintenance compared to other devices. Well suited for chiller towers and water treatment tank measurements, they are a cost effective solution for short- to long-range applications of liquids, slurries, and solids.

Differential Pressure Transmitters

SITRANS P DSIII for hydrostatic level

Hydrostatic level measurement with Siemens gauge, absolute, and differential pressure transmitters is a low cost option for direct mounting or mounting with remote seals on tanks and vessels. These instruments can handle extreme chemical and mechanical loads as well as electromagnetic interference.

The SITRANS P Pressure transmitters are well suited for boiler drum level applications.

SITRANS LG200 Guided Wave Radar Transmitter

Guided Wave Radar for HVAC-R

SITRANS LG200 is Siemens 2-wire guided wave radar transmitter for short- to medium-range level, level/interface, and volume measurement of liquids, slurries, and bulk solids. Its many antenna configurations make it possible to measure numerous complex applications, even ammonia, chlorine, high temperature/pressure, or cryogenics.  Ideal for boiler drum level control and water treatment tank measurements.

Radar Level Transmitters

Radar Level Measurement for HVAC-R

Radar measurement technology is non-contacting and low maintenance. Because microwaves require no carrier medium, they are virtually unaffected by the process atmosphere (vapor, pressure, or temperature extremes).  Radar level transmitters provide reliable continuous level measurement for short- to long-range applications.