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Process Instrumentation and Analytics solutions for Food & Beverage

Siemens Industry offers greater efficiency and productivity for the food and beverages industry: Lower costs, more flexible production, reproducible quality and efficient tracking and tracing – with our range of products and services for the manufacture of food and beverages, you can overcome almost any challenge.

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Process Instrumentation & Analytics for pharmaceuticals, food and beverages

Best-in-class products for hygienic industries

Partnering with Siemens gives the precision, integration and reliability in process control and analytics needed for these industries.

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For the love of grain - solutions for the grain industry

The Siemens approach:

  • Emphasis on user-friendly products for safer faultless operation

  • Optimal resource efficiency through innovative platform concepts

  • More flexibility for faster and safer production changeover

  • Increased productivity with optimal solutions for the operating base

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Process Instrumentation and Analytics Brochure

Gaining measurement control is at the heart of the food and beverage manufacturing.  It is key to unlocking value, enhancing quality, leveraging flexibility, boosting profitability and maintaining reliability.

SITRANS FC430 Brewery Case Study

How can you improve your beer?

Find out how critical measurements in the brewing process can help improve the quality of your beer. Read more about this SITRANS FC430 Coriolis flowmeter application.

SITRANS LR250 now available in Hygienic Encapsulated Antenna (HEA) version

SITRANS LR250 hygienic encapsulated antenna is a 2 wire 25 GHz pulse radar level transmitter with sanitary and hygienic approvals for continuous monitoring of liquids, slurries and pastes within the Food, Beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries to a range of 20 m (66 ft) - antenna dependent.


SITRANS FM MAG 1100F Flow Meter Obtains FDA Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) Certification

PMO Certifcation is necessary in the U.S. to sell into the milk and dairy market.  The Sitrans FM MAG 1100F already has 3A sanitary certification and with the PMO certification will now be able to sell to the dairy industry.