Instrumentation and Analytics for Chemical Industry

Flow Measurement

Liquids, steam, gases, pulps, slurries or pastes - the wide range and varying conditions of chemical processes requires comprehensive knowledge.  Large and small tube diameters, high temperatures, high viscosities - Siemens offers a wide range of flow measurement instruments backed by years of experience.

Gas Analyzers

Innovative gas analyzers by Siemens offer possibilities from in-situ measuring close to process, to system integration of components. The Maxum edition II is used in all branches of the fine chemicals, refining and hydrocarbon processing industries.  It performs chemical composition analysis of gases and liquids that are present in all phases of production.

Level Transmitters

Level Measurement devices in the chemical industry have diverse functions from overfilling protection, to measurements in potentially explosive dust zones in simple storage tanks and complex processes.  Our level devices can handle variable media such as steam, dust, foam and high temperature and pressures.

Pressure Transmitters

SITRANS P pressure transmitters provide precise pressure measurement whether its relative, differential or absolute pressure.  Siemens offers various diaphragm options for aggressive processes and harsh conditions.  In large chemical process plants, faster commissioning and maintenance times are an important advantage of the SITRANS P DSIII.

Temperature Transmitters

SITRANS T delivers dependable and precise results even under extreme conditions.  Available in a range of styles, from simple designs to inherently safe models.

Electro-pneumatic Valve Positioner

Valves are crucial in a chemical plant and must be operated precisely yet economically - exactly the job for the SITRANS PS2.  The electro-pneumatic valve positioner is available for linear and rotary actuator mounting.