Solutions for Mining

From accurate control of chemical dosage to integrated control of widely dispersed operations on a remote site, the right process controls are essential for increasing yield rates and enabling mining companies to stay ahead of the global competition.

Crushing and Milling

Crushing and Milling Control Points

  • Bin level monitoring

  • Crusher production rate monitoring

  • Crusher condition monitoring

  • Process Flow Measurement

  • Dynamic converyor weighing for ore feed to mill

  • Ore storage level monitoring

  • Monitoring of production rates

  • Optimal crusher level control

  • SAG mill level control

  • SAG mill temperature monitoring

  • SAG mill condition monitoring

  • Ball mill temperature monitoring

  • Conveying systems monitoring

  • Primary crusher condition monitoring

  • Ball mill condition monitoring

  • Cyclone blockage detection

  • Cyclone pressure monitoring

  • Cyclone pump flow measurement


Flotation Control Points

  • Chemical tank level monitoring

  • Chemical tank flow measurement

  • Flotation cell flow measurement

  • Floation cell level monitoring

  • Floation cell valve positioning

  • Regrind Mill Temperature Measurement

  • Primary cleaner flow measurement

  • Primary cleaner level measurement

  • Primary cleaner positioning

  • Tailings flow measuerment

  • Tailings level measurement

  • Secondary cleaner pressure measurement

  • Dam flow measurement

  • Dam level monitoring

  • Tank flow measurement

  • Tank condition monitoring

  • Cyclone pressure measurement

  • Cyclone condition monitoring

Concentration and Loading

Concentration and Loading Control Points

  • Process flow measurement

  • Concentrate thickener flow measurement

  • Concentrate thickener level monitoring

  • Ore strorage level measurement

  • Ore storage weighing systems

  • Ore storage condition monitoring

  • Filter monitoring

  • Measurement of production rates

  • Evaporation level measurement

  • Load out level detection

  • Load out high level

  • Load out weighing systems

Process Instrument Products Used In Mining

Siemens offers a comprehensive product range for the mining industry and has a solution for even the most difficult measurement tasks.

Valve Instrumentation for mining

Valve Positioning

SIPART PS2 intelligent valve positioner for linear and rotary valves.

Process protection for mining

Process Protection

For immediate early warning alerts from remote locations process protection has a vital role in mining .