Cost of Water

Cost of water

How can you utilize process instrumentation to save money in your water operations?

Siemens cost of water calculators helps you determine where you could be losing money from the cost of water. Try out our cost of water calculators and watch our webinars to learn more about addressing these issues.

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How much does water loss cost you?

Have you ever wondered how much water you're losing in your system due to leaks or unbilled usage?

What are your daily pumping schedules costing you?

How can I incorporate energy efficient practices into my plant?

How are you solving your water loss problem?

Gain visibility into your water usage and flow so you can minimize water loss.

The Cost of Water: What is lost water costing you?

Cost of water flow webinar

Webinar recorded Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 at 2 p.m. EST

Presented by Jack Roushey, Flow Marketing

Recording webinar coming soon

About the Leak Detection Webinar:

In addition to energy costs, the loss of treated water either through leakage or theft is a significant cost associated with the operation of a water treatment facility and distribution network. It is estimated that upwards of 18% of all treated water is lost due to these two issues.

This webinar will introduce Siemens’ “Cost of Water” calculator for leak detection to help you identify the amount of lost revenue you may be experiencing. In addition, this webinar examines how you can utilize existing measurement infrastructure and/or the addition of measurements at key points in your network, to help identify and correct situations as early as possible to minimize this potential for lost revenue. This will be the 2nd webinar in the "cost of water" series, which highlights cost savings opportunities in the water and wastewater industries.

Key takeaways include:

  • How much water is lost by local municipalities

  • How can they calculate the potential losses

  • What can they do to help reduce this loss


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