Cost of Water

How can I utilize process instrumentation to save money in my water operations?

Siemens cost of water calculators helps you determine where you could be losing money from the cost of water. Try out our cost of water calculators and watch our webinars to learn more about addressing these issues.

The Cost of Water: What are your daily pumping routines costing you?

Cost of water webinar LUT400

Webinar was recorded Wednesday, May 16th, 2018 at 2 p.m. EST

Presented by Herman Coello, Level Marketing

Recorded Webinar

About the Economy Pumping webinar:

One of the biggest costs associated with the operation of a water treatment facility and distribution network is the energy consumed in pumping systems. It is estimated that optimization of a facility’s pumping systems can lead to a reduction in energy costs by 20% or more. This webinar will show you how implementing an energy cost savings strategy through economy pumping routines can contribute to your optimization efforts.

Siemens "Cost of Water" calculator is an easy to use tool that helps identify the overall cost of your pumping systems. The calculator also illustrates how you can save on pumping costs by aligning pumping routines with the variable energy rates of your electricity supplier.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to calculate the overall cost of your pumping systems

  • How much you can save by operating pumps during off-peak energy pricing

  • How to optimize pumping routines with pump controllers and level measurement technology


What are your daily pumping schedules costing you?

How can I incorporate energy efficient practices into my plant?