Solutions for Water and Wastewater

Process Instrumentation and Analytics solutions for Water

As one of the world’s leaders in industry automation and an experienced provider of integrated technologies, we offer products and systems tailored to the requirements of the water and wastewater industry.

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Ultrasonic vs Radar in the Water Industry

Download article to learn more about choosing the right technology for your level and open channel monitoring (OCM) applications.

Cost of water

Cost of Water

Siemens Cost of Water Calculators help identify the overall cost of your pumping systems and lost revenue you may be experiencing from water loss. Check out our webinars on Economy Pumping, Leak Detection and Chemical Dosing.

Do you want to get a grip on water loss in your water distribution network?

How do you realize water savings of 1 MGD and shorten water loss detection time to less than 24 hours?

Siemens SITRANS FM Mag 8000 provides accurate water balance data for a water utility in New York.

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Process Instrumentation for water

Process Instrumentation for water industry

Every drop of water and every unit of energy counts

Siemens  offers you the technology to put you in control of process management and sustainability. We feel responsibility for sustainable resource management and efficient use of energy. Siemens process instrumentation is part of the Siemens environmental portfolio.

Process Instrumentation and Analytics for Wastewater

Process Instrumentation and Analytics - Process controls for wastewater

Our cost-effective process instrumentation gives you the reliability, seamless integration and automation you need to deliver the best wastewater treatment. Our technology provides solutions to the challenges of constant change in flow rates, rapid changes in level, chemical dosing and storage.

Clamp-on flowmeter for pump protection

Meters monitor flow and provide pump protection

Siemens SITRANS FUS1010 Clamp-on meter provides accurate, non-intrusive flow measurement for better performance, reduced costs and reduced maintenance time.

MAG 8000 water meter

Battery-powered, reliable and cost efficient

SITRANS F M MAG 8000 water meter for long-term accuracy.

The robust SITRANS F M MAG 8000 operates in challenging environments with consistently high accuracy and virtually no maintenance - making it a highly cost-efficient water metering solution.

Rural water clamp-on flow meter case study

Rural water plant finds leak with SITRANS FUP1010 clamp-on flow meter

A rural water treatment plant was losing gallons a day due to an unknown leak.  The FUP1010 clamp-on flow meter was used to quickly find a leak, saving time and money.

HydroRanger 200 water and wastewater brochure

HydroRanger 200 - True level control for the water/wastewater industry

An economical, low-maintenance ultrasonic level measurement solution delivering control efficiency and productivity that meets today's strict environmental legislations.

SITRANS LU180 for water and wastewater brochure

Simple to use, easy to install. The low maintenance solution.

Cost-effective, non-contacting level measurement

SITRANS LU150/180 is a short-range non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement transmitter designed primarily for liquid applications in the environmental, water/wastewater and energy management industries.

MAG 8000 for water metering

Worry-free water metering with advanced electromagnetic technology

SITRANS FM MAG 8000 ensures that customers are billed accurately for water usage and that sufficient water is available for emergencies.

HydroRanger 200 Thumbnail

The best just got better

Easier to use, easier to set up.  Just plain better.

For close to thirty years the HydroRanger 200 and MultiRanger 200 have been industry standards for level measurement in water/wastewater applications. Now we have made the best even better.

Magnetic flow meter water brochure

Ideal for challenging installations

Trust the SITRANS MAG 5100W and MAG 8000 for proven accuracy in non-standard pipe configurations

Siemens introduces SITRANS LH100 submersible pressure transmitter

Slim and robust - Applicable for harsh environments
The SITRANS LH100 submersible level transducer for use in hydrostatic level applications measures the liquid levels in tanks, containers, channels and dams, mostly used within drinking and waste water applications.

The world's most accurate Ultrasonic Controller for level measurement

SITRANS LUT400 series ultrasonic controllers with one-millimeter (0.04-inch) measuring accuracy offer the highest accuracy available on the market and ensure consistently precise measurements. The compact, single point ultrasonic controllers continuously monitor and control level in liquids, solids, or slurry applications for a wide range of industries. The controllers are available in three models: the SITRANS LUT420 Level Controller, SITRANS LUT430 Level, Pump, and Flow Controller, and SITRANS LUT440 High Accuracy Open Channel Monitor (which also provides a full suite of advanced level, volume, and pump controls). The series is suitable for an array of applications, including those in water/wastewater treatment facilities, manufacturing processes, and industrial storage