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Process Instrumentation and Analytics solutions for industry

Siemens Process Instrumentation and Analytics offers system solutions tailored to your needs, competent guidance by experienced specialists and support for various industries. From Oil & Gas to Metals we specialize in a vast range of applications designed to improve the entire industry.  With Siemens you have a unique blend of analytical expertise, process knowledge and the proven ability to manage all phases of a project from conception through commissioning.

Engineering Solutions

Engineered Solutions

Process Instrumention and Analytics for oil and gas

Oil & Gas

Process Instrumentation and Analytics for Chemicals


Process Instrumentation for water industry

Water & Wastewater

Siemens brings a wealth of engineering expertise together with expansive portfolio of products and services.  We offer a broad array of offerings such as Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), System Integration, Process optimization and training.  Leverage Siemens' know-how to meet your process control challenges.

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When it comes to process instrumentation and analytical needs in oil and gas, Siemens has the solution!  Siemens on-line analysis technologies and process instrumentation are ideally suited for every step in the product cycle from natural gas processing and refining, to production of fuels and products in refining, petrochemical and fine chemical production

 Solutions for Oil & Gas Solutions for Shale

Put your process in the hands of a company that supports you locally, nationally and globally, and you’ll get the smart automation, drive technology and service you need for improved reliability and efficiency.

 Solutions for Totally Integrated Automation

Few industries face requirements as extreme as the chemical industry. Operating in harsh environments calls for robust and high-quality equipment that enables efficient and fail-safe operation. With Siemens’ comprehensive instrumentation portfolio you can achieve just that.

 Solutions for Chemical Industry

You need a partner who understands chemical plant automation and the chemical industry’s unique processes, including design, engineering, maintenance, device selection and commissioning at a green field site -- or at an operation needing a comprehensive chemical plant migration strategy

 Solutions for Totally Integrated Automation

As one of the world’s leaders in industry automation and an experienced provider of integrated technologies, we offer products and systems tailored to the requirements of the water and wastewater industry.

 Solutions for water and wastewater
Process Instrumentation for Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Power Industry


Pharmaceutical Industry


HVAC- Heating, Ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration


Siemens Industry offers greater efficiency and productivity for the food and beverages industry: Lower costs, more flexible production, reproducible quality and efficient tracking and tracing – with our range of products and services for the manufacture of food and beverages, you can overcome almost any challenge.

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Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) is a concept that unifies each area of the food and beverage industry, including building automation, energy management, production management, maintenance and servicing.  Utilizing this technology brings transparency to every area of your operation.

 Solutions for Totally Integrated Automation

Siemens has a wide portfolio of products for process instrumentation, weighing and process analytics. Our solutions make it possible to economically address the growing energy demand as well as expanding environmental and safety regulations.

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You can find the right solution for your application with our interactive process charts for typical power plant applications.

 Coal fired power plant

Our portfolio of products for process instrumentation and analytics ensures the highest precision and reliability in all measurement applications in the pharmaceutical industry, with hygienic designs and the appropriate process connections.

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Use our interactive process charts for the different sub-segments to find the right solution for your application.

 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (solids) Pharmaceutical manufacturing (liquids)

Whether you need automation technology, industrial software or services, Siemens will review and analyze the requirements of your processes with you. Siemens determines which existing products, technologies and services meet these requirements. Keeping pharmaceutical manufacturing plants running, producing quality products, reducing product waste and ensuring patient and employee safety are among life science engineers’ top priorities.

 Solutions for Totally Integrated Automation

Siemens is a trusted partner for single-source solutions that bring your Heating, Ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVAC/R) installations to a whole new level of energy efficiency. From cogeneration energy production, district heating and cooling systems to compressed air and steam applications, we maximize your energy conservation and optimize the cost effectiveness of every process.

 Solutions for HVAC-R

Use our interactive process chart for the different District Energy sub-segments to find the right solution for your application.

 District Energy/HVAC applications
Biofuel industry


Environmental Monitoring

Env. Monitoring

mining, aggregate and cement industry

Mining, Agg, Cement

metals industry


In the field of renewable energy, our comprehensive portfolio of reliable, durable, easy-to-use products for process instrumentation and analytics provides a solid foundation for mastering the complex processes in this industry.

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Use our interactive process charts for the different subsegments to find the right solution for your application.

 Biogas applications Biodiesel applications Bioethanol applications

From monitoring impurities in vents, stacks, air or water to point source or area monitoring, automatic and on-line measurement is an important tool. This type of measurement will detect, quantify and assist in reducing emissions. Siemens analytical products are utilized for many of these measurements.

 Solutions for Environmental Emissions, Area and Water Monitoring

Siemens provides comprehensive, field-proven solutions to the unique challenges faced by our mining, aggregate and cement customers from power generation through plant automation.

 Solutions for mining, aggregate and cement Solutions for cement Solutions for mining

Continuous monitoring of HF concentration in aluminum smelters is a key issue for optimization of aluminum production.  Continuous gas analyzers support the steel industry by helping facilities optimize processes and reduce expenses.

 Solutions for Metals

You can find the right solution for your application with our interactive process charts.

 Steel and Iron making applications