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Giving our customers a competitive advantage. Advantage+ is a program designed for our Process Instrumentation customers to help take the unexpected out of the daily business with Advantage+ Shipping, Stock and Support.

Continuous Gas Analyzer Quick Ship Products (CGA)


Part Number

OXYMAT 61, 2% min span, without internal reference gas pump, 120 VAC -OXYMAT 61 Catalog Sheet


OXYMAT 61, 2% min span, with internal reference gas pump, 120 VAC


OXYMAT 6F, 2% min span, FM/CSA -OXYMAT 6 Catalog Sheet


OXYMAT 6F, 2% min span, heated, FM/CSA


OXYMAT 6E, 2% min span, FM/CSA


OXYMAT 6E, 2% min span, piped gas path, FM/CSA


ULTRAMAT 23, hosed, CO2%,CH4%,O2%,H2S ppm -ULTRAMAT 23 Catalog Sheet


ULTRAMAT 23, hosed, CO2%,CH4%,O2%, FM/CSA for flammable gas


ULTRAMAT 23, hosed, with internal pump & CO2%,CH4%,O2%, H2S%


ULTRAMAT 23 , hosed, with integrated pump, CO2%,CH4%,O2%, FM CSA for flammable gas


Siemens developed the Quick Ship Program designed for those unexpected times when you need fast delivery of Gas Analyzer products.