Electro-pneumatic Valve Positioner Overview and Accessories

The most widely used intelligent electro-pneumatic valve positioner for linear and rotary valve actuators

SIPART PS2 - Digital valve positioner

Siemens offers a smart valve positioner known for more than 20 years for its versatility, reliability and smooth operation in the widest range of process industries.

SIPART PS2 Webinar

Learn how a pneumatic valve positioner can pay for itself by operating on low-bleed principles.

SIPART PS2 Valve Positioner with stainless steel housing brochure

More robust than ever: Our SIPART PS2

The SIPART PS2 valve positioner with flameproof stainless steel housing is the newest member of the positioner family. The new enclosure is made for harsh environments including the oil & gas and marine industries.

SIPART PS2 Valve positioner enhancements brochure

Assess, Monitor, Control - Valve Testing and Predictive Maintenance through SIPART PS2

SIPART PS2 - most widely used intelligent electro-pneumatic valve positioner for linear and rotary valve actuators - demonstrates the versatility and reliability that you've come to expect from Siemens

SIPART PS2 Valve positioner fail safe, fail in place

Designed for Safety

The SIPART PS2 puts the power in your hands with the "Fail Safe" or "Fail in Place" options.  The PS2 not only has the ability to safely position a valve in the event of loss of air but also upon loss of control signal.

SIPART PS2 Valve Positioner Brochure

One that masters everything: SIPART PS2

Welcome to the next level.  SIPART PS2 is currently the most widely used positioner for linear and part-turn actuators.

Pneumatic volume booster- SIPART PS2

Accessories for the SIPART PS2

Integral Pneumatic Volume Booster

The Integral Pneumatic Volume Booster was designed for use on pneumatic valve actuators that require high flow for fast stroking times.  The unit reproduces pneumatic signals in a 1:1 ratio for applications requiring increased flow capacity, while maintaining small step accuracy and reducing piping requirements.

  • Integrally mounted to the SIPART PS2

  • Provides a Cv of 2.0 to operate large actuators and valves

  • Maintains low bleed rate of the SIPART PS2

  • Utilizes an internal bypass needle valve for small step changes

Venting Gauge Block for SIPART PS2

When a Double Acting SIPART PS2 is used with a Single Acting actuator, the following must be considered:

With loss of supply air the Double Acting SIPART PS2 will lock in the last position. This prevents the valve actuator spring from returning the valve to its fail-safe position. By using the "venting" gauge block and properly piping the positioner to the actuator the air on the side opposite the spring can be exhausted back through the air supply line.