Extensive diagnostic capabilities - all standard

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The SIPART PS2 comes equipped with extensive diagnostic capabilities-all standard. These diagnostics provide warning of potential valve assembly failures as well as the ability to see into the valve and monitor its performance. By utilizing the new HART 7 communication protocol, the SIPART PS2 allows you to run the “Valve Performance Test (VPT)”, which will show you the current status of a valve during a planned plant outage. You can compare the performance of each valve, over time, to implement predictive maintenance throughout the plant.

SIPART PS2 Valve Positioner

The diagnostic package also provides the ability to check emergency shutdown valves for proper operation by utilizing the “Partial Stroke Test (PST)” and the “Full Stroke Test (FST)”. The “Step Response Test (SRT)” and “Multistep Response Test (MSRT)” provide a detailed look at the accuracy and response of your valve and, in turn, your process.

SIPART PS2 Diagnostics

As you know alarms, mechanical and proximity limit switches, 4...20mA feedback, and remote mounting are all additional features available with the PS2. Users have full control over fail methods through the “Fail in Place” feature as well as standard “Fail Safe”.Text

The SIPART PS2’s wide range of capabilities and diagnostics is impressive. Use this site to learn more about how to use them to maximize your plant efficiencies.