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SIPART PS2 Valve Positioner

Assess your SIPART PS2 valve positioner with the experts!

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The "all-inclusive" solution

SIPART PS2 is the most widely used intelligent positioner for both linear and rotary actuators so you need only one device for both types of actuators.  This versatility means reduced inventory and lower labor costs

Accessories On Demand

The addition of factory assembled or field addable accessories include: limit switches, external feedback, alarm card, gauges, non-contacting sensor and an integral volume booster.  This adaptability reduces your inventory needs.

Standard Mounting Solutions

Siemens supplies 200+ mounting solutions for a wide variety of manufacturer’s actuators.  This eliminates the need to manufacture mounting solutions.

Easy Valve Configuration

The SIPART PS2's simple, push button operation allows for rapid control valve calibration which means reduced labor and increased savings.


Additional accessories such as filter regulators are also available from Siemens.

PS2 - The one that masters all