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SIPART PS2 Diagnostics recorded webinar

About the webinar

As of April 2015, Siemens has enhanced the SIPART PS2 valve performance diagnostics by incorporating four offline valve performance tests. These tests include:

  • Full Stroke Test (FST)

  • Step Response Test (SRT)

  • Multi Step Response Test (MSRT)

  • Valve Performance Test (VPT)

Based on the International Standards IEC 61514-2 & IEC 61298-2, which is designed to provide performance data on the entire valve assembly, these benefits provide proof of valve performance for you and your customer during the initial stage of the valve as well as a baseline comparison for future performance testing.

Additionally, valve performance can be monitored with the standard SIPART PS2 online advanced diagnostics features, which can alert customers to valve issues before it affects their process.

In addition to reviewing the components necessary to perform these tests, this webinar will demonstrate each valve performance test while simulating typical valve assembly symptoms for data comparison purposes.