The SIPART PS2 can handle difficult applications

Flexible and reliable most widely used positioner

The SIPART PS2 defies the roughest environments, such as, excessive pipeline or process vibration, extreme temperature, magnetic fields and inaccessible locations.  By using the Non-Contacting Sensor (NCS), the positioner can be remotely mounted to provide accurate and repeatable control.

The auto calibration feature will adapt and compensate for plant air variations. This ensures high quality process control in non-ideal conditions.

The SIPART PS2 can easily handle all size control valves – from micro control valves to valves in excess of 5” stroke.  The use of the Piezo-ceramic valve block accurately controls air flow in small step conditions. The use of the Integral Volume Booster addresses the air flow requirements associated with large control valves.

When a fire ravaged a southern US steel mill, this valve positioner withstood the flames.
You've got to see this to believe it!