Valve Positioners

Series 760 P/E Valve Positioners

760 P/E Valve Positioners

P/E Valve Positioner - 760 Series

The series 760 P/E Valve positioners provide a cost effective, universal approach to your valve control.  Their modular concept allows all models to be built on the base pneumatic unit (760P).  The electro-pneumatic model (760E) is created by adapting an I/P transducer to the base and a wide range of accessories is easily installed inside the unit.

  • Choice of interchangeable NAMUR IEC 534-6 rectilinear or VDI/VDE 3845 rotary mountings for application flexibility

  • Double-acting or single-acting service and split ranging

  • Provisions for internal limit switch mounting and position feedback devices without requiring additional housings in most models.

  • Non-interaction of zero and span adjustments and positive cam locking mechanism

Valve Accessories

In addition to valve positioners Siemens offers other valve accessories such as an integral volume booster, venting gauge block, I/P transducers, booster relays, filter regulators and air filter.