Pneumatic Valve Positioners

Series 73 Built-in Pneumatic Valve Positioner

73 Built-in Pneumatic Valve Positioner

This line of compact pneumatic valve positioner instruments incorporates a single-axis, force-balance principle of operation to ensure accurate and stable control valve positioning.  In all cases, including bottom-loading applications, a Model 73 Built-In Pneumatic Valve Positioner is mounted directly on the topwork of the valve, with no external levers or other exposed mechanisms.

By selecting the appropriate range spring from the wide selection, almost any combination of valve stroke (from 1/4" to 4") and instrument span (from 2 to 24 psi) can be obtained.

  • Single-axis, force-balance principle of operation, ensures accurate and stable positioning

  • Feedback circuits direct the actuator's position, ensuring adherence to the control instrument signal

  • Range spring capability accomodates a wide variety of valve strokes and instrument spans