Process Instrumentation Training: Real world situations in a lab environment

How do you know you are using the best technology for your application?

Siemens experts are available with a variety of seminars, training courses and materials to help you understand the difference between technologies and instruments and what technologies are available to increase productivity.  Siemens offers both introductory and advanced courses several times a year.

Training Courses

Our courses link the classroom to the real world by utilizing the latest hardware and software.  Each course includes the following learning techniques:

  • TUTORIAL: Instructors provide background information crucial to understanding the system.

  • DEMONSTRATION: Instructors demonstrate equipment displays and other information systems

  • HANDS-ON SITUATIONS: Students spend 30-50% of class time operating equipment and troubleshooting real world problems

Siemens offers seminars that can be modified to suit your needs as well as in-depth and hands-on technical trainings.