Temperature Transmitters

SITRANS T Temperature transmitters provide high precision and the flexibility to be quickly connected to a variety of thermocouples, resistance thermometers, as well as mV and resistance sensors. They are available as intrinsically safe, or explosion proof as well as non-hazardous versions.

SITRANS TO500 innovative measuring system for fiber-optic temperature measurement

The fiber-optic based SITRANS TO500 multipoint measuring system enables you to determine a large number of temperature measuring points along a single sensor fiber and read out a temperature profile in a matter of seconds.

The fast and gap-free detection of temperature profiles enables the plant operator to optimize processes in terms of lifetime, quality and output. Local overheating is quickly and accurately detected, thereby preventing damage to the process, plant and environment.

TO500 temperature transmitter brochure

SITRANS TO500 - The fiber-optic sensor - measuring what used to be impossible

The extremely thin multipoint measuring system.

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