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Controlotron clamp-on flow meter

Looking for Controlotron ? --  In 2006, Controlotron and Siemens signed an agreement whereby Siemens acquired the business activities of Controlotron. The New York based company is a leader in the development of the Clamp-On technology for ultrasonic flowmeters, which today is used in approx. 50% of all ultrasonic applications for fluids and gases.

Many of the former Controlotron  product lines are still supported by Siemens.  The clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter program consists of six product families, some targeting specific industries and some with general applicability over a wide range of different industries and applications.

Clamp-on flow configurable products formerly Controlotron

SITRANS FUS1010 (Standard) and SITRANS FUP1010 (Portable)

General purpose liquid flowmeters. FUS1010 are dedicated wall mount units while FUP1010 are portable units that can be used for field surveys or temporary installations. Both are used for a wide variety of applications, including water & wastewater, HVAC, power and processing.

SITRANS FUE1010 (Energy)

These meters are ideally suited to thermal energy/power industry applications such as chilled & hot water sub-metering, condenser water, potable water and glycol and brine solution, thermal storage.


These flowmeters are ideal for applications carrying crude oil, refined petroleum or liquefied gas. There are meters for two application areas: viscosity compensated volumetric flowmeters and standard volume (net) mass flowmeters.

SITRANS FUH1010 (Interface Detection)

This interface detection meter is ideal for oil applications where a differentiation between various liquids in a pipeline is needed.


These gas flowmeters suit most natural and process gas applications, including checkmetering, allocation, flow survey verification, lost and unaccounted for (LAUF) gas analysis, production and storage.

SITRANS FST020 (Basic, low cost)

Basic functions, make the FST020 clamp-on flow meter an optimal and affordable alternative to more complex flow measurement solutions.


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