Process Instrumentation Services

Start-up Services

Our installation and start-up services get you up and online, while keeping you on schedule. With comprehensive expertise and dedication to meeting your schedule, our technicians will start up your Siemens products with technical assistance and testing of equipment.

Ever wondered what to expect before making an important investment? Do you want to make sure that you’re in good hands? Well, now you know exactly what you’ll get and who you’re getting it from. At Siemens Process Instrumentation
our highly-skilled staff of trained engineers and specialists will provide excellent start-up services on any new Siemens
process instruments, so you can rest assured that you instrumentation is performing to your expectations. We know it is important to fully understand how our services.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Siemens brings a wealth of engineering expertise together with expansive portfolio of products and services.  We offer a broad array of offerings such as Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), System Integration, Process optimization and training.  Leverage Siemens' know-how to meet your process control challenges.

Technical Service Agreements (TSA)

Technical service agreements for weighing brochure

Technical Service Agreements for Weighing Systems

Whether you are a small, mid-size or large manufacturer, a Siemens Technical Service Agreement (TSA) for weighing systems can help boost your business' operating efficiency, reduce down time and widen your competitive edge.

A TSA lets you budget the exact service you need in a proactive maintenance program that helps you avoid unscheduled downtime and expensive emergencies.

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Learn more about Technical Service Agreements for Weighing Systems

Magnetic Flow Verification Services

The goal is to improve operation, reduce downtime and maintain measurement accuracy as long as possible. Our technicians use the Siemens flow verificator and check metering kits to ensure your flowmeter system is functioning correctly.

Siemens check metering kits have been developed to verify the performance of meters based on any existing flow measurement principle: orifice, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, rotary piston, coriolis, etc. In addition, they measure practically all conductive or non-conductive clean or moderately aerated liquids or liquids with suspended solids.

The SITRANS F M Verificator is highly advanced and is designed to carry out the complex verification and performance check of magnetic flowmeter systems, according to unique Siemens patented principles. The system is traceable to international standards and tested by WRc (Water Research Council).

HVAC Service Program

While many facilities maintain an in-house staff of engineers to keep their buildings running efficiently, HVAC technology has advanced to the point where outside technical expertise is sometimes required. Siemens offers a full service package ideally suited to meet all your HVAC flow measurement needs.

Calibration Services

We understand that your equipment will only be as accurate as the standard to which it is calibrated. Siemens factory trained technicians calibrate your equipment and test to ensure the standard is accurate

Process Instrumentation Advantage Plus Program

Have you ever had an unplanned sudden situation arise in which you need a solution immediately? Siemens answers with the Advantage+ Stock program.

24/7 Technical Support - Contacts, Setup and Installation Videos

Our dedicated team of service engineers, technicians and professionals is on-call, on-site, and on-line 24/7 delivering a comprehensive portfolio of services.

Technical Support Hotline (24/7): 1-800-333-7421 (Inside USA, Toll Free)

Technical Support (From outside USA)  1-423-262-5710 or Find your local tech support contact here

Field Service and Repair: 1-800-365-8766 (Inside USA, Toll Free)

Process Instrumentation Technical Support Links

SITRANS P Pressure Transmitter and SITRANS F Flow Meter Videos

Using the Pushbuttons to Configure and Set Up the Transmitter

Using the Pushbuttons to Set the Range

SITRANS FS230 Flow Meter Conduit Installation


Idler Alignment for Siemens Beltscales - Proper alignment of you idlers makes your belt scale run at its best.

Clamp-on Flow Meter Rental Program

Do you need to measure flow, but can't cut into the pipe?

The Siemens clamp-on flow meter program gives you a non-intrusive way to capture all of your flow measurements.

The rental program offers liquid, gas and energy flowmeters for rental on a weekly basis to fit even the smallest budget. This program is ideal for proving applications and situations requiring fast, short term, immediate response to your flow monitoring needs. In most cases, portable equipment can be shipped rapidly after receipt of order.

Process Instrumentation Customer Training

Get the most out of your investment with process instrumentation training – Siemens offers a complete line of instrumentation training. Just pick the course that fits your needs.

Siemens Process Instrumentation courses cover a wide array of topics, including pressure, temperature, level, valve positioners, loop controllers, flow, clamp-on flow, weighing and industrial communications. Comprehensive introductory and advanced courses are offered several times a year.

All USA training courses are approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). For information on earning CEUs through Siemens training visit our Technical Learning Services Links.

Contact Siemens SITRAIN Registrar

Phone: 1-800-333-7421 (Inside USA, Toll Free)


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