Process Recorders

SIREC D200, D300 and D400 recorders are advanced paperless recording systems with the product range, performance, and software capabilities to meet the most sophisticated operational requirements.  Configuration is simple with our extensive suite of PC-based software solutions and a graphical operator interface.

SIREC™ Recorder Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced paperless recording system provides information with exceptional color and clarity

  • Multi-channel display

  • Intuitive set-up procedure for easy configuration

  • Three models available, depending on the application needs

  • Ethernet communications port standard on all models

  • From 6 to 48 universal analog inputs

  • Data Storage options

Process recorder - SIREC D200


SIREC D200 display recorder has a 144 mm x 144 mm format with 5" Color -TFT-Display, from 3 to 12 analog channels and up to 8 digital channels.

Process recorder - SIREC D300


SIREC D300 is a multi-functional display recorder in 144 mm x 144 mm format with 5.5" Color -TFT-Display.  8 to 16 analog channels and up to 16 digital channels.

Display Recorder - SIREC D400


SIREC D400 is a high-end display recorder in 300 mm x 300 mm format with 12.1" Color- TFT-Display. 16 to 48 analog channels and up to 48 digital channels