Pressure Transmitters

The pressure transmitter products in the SITRANS P series offer maximum precision, robustness and ease-of-use. Complying with industry standards and international certifications, Siemens pressure measurement devices fulfill the increasingly complex tasks of the process industry. Some versions additionally offer numerous diagnostics functions which help you to always have your plant firmly under control.

SITRANS P20, SITRANS P420 pressure transmitters

Introducing the SITRANS P320 and P420 Pressure Transmitters

Features include:

  • High measurement accuracy of 0.065% (P320) or 0.040% (P420)

  • Improved HMI display: larger, new and improved display with 4-button operation

  • Developed according to IEC61508 standards for SIL2/3

  • Remote safety handling via SIMATIC PDM

  • Ready for digitalization with the P420’s built-in 1,500 point trend log

SITRANS P pressure transmitter brochure

Processes require precision

Reliable, low maintenance pressure measurement with SITRANS P

SITRANS P pressure transmitters are a complete family of measuring instruments for gauge, differential, and absolute pressure.


Do you know if your pressure readings are correct?

Siemens offers pressure calibration services so you can be assured that you are getting the accuracy you require.

SITRANS P DSIII for Vapor Recovery Unit

Do you want to reduce emissions to EPA-mandated levels and earn an attractive ROI?

Learn how a SITRANS P DSIII pressure transmitter can be used in a Vapor Recovery Unit to reduce emissions

Using Siemens SITRANS P DSIII differential pressure transmitter, Unimac has the solution.

PDM Maintenance Station

How can I improve plant asset management of my smart field devices?

SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station V3.0


  • Diagnostics and condition monitoring of field devices with EDD/DD/FDI technology

  • Stand-alone maintenance station for up to 500 field devices

  • Central data access point for cloud based apps

  • Simultaneous access for 30 independent PDM web-client users

SITRANS LH300 Hydrostatic level measurement

Hydrostatic level measurement with our SITRANS LH300

The SITRANS LH300 pressure transmitter is a submersible sensor with protective caps made of PPE, stainless steel, and ETFE.

Key benefits include:

  • Simple installation - compact sensor design

  • Reliable measurement - (0.15% typical)

  • Usage in drinking water - 99.6% purity ceramic sensor

Pressure transmitter family brochure

Pressure measurement is a family affair

Discover our SITRANS P family. Whether it be hygienic requirements or rugged and harsh environmental conditions: the SITRANS P family offers the right portfolio for every application.

Pressure transmitters - 100% dependability

Offering 100% dependability under pressure

SITRANS P: rugged, accurate and user-friendly pressure transmitters for all applications.

SITRAN P Pressure transmitter brochure

SITRANS P Pressure Transmitter Family - The right choice every time.

To meet your unique needs, Siemens offers a complete family of pressure transmitters with different performance levels, different pressure ranges, and a broad choice of materials. Transmitters are available for relative, differential, and absolute pressure measurements