Point Level - Capacitance and Ultrasonic

SITRANS L - Point Level Measurement

Point Level products are ideal instruments to provide overfill protection of storage and process vessels.   By developing and implementing practical and safe engineering practices, overfill protection is used to prevent product overflows which helps avoid environmental and safety hazards, loss of inventory, damage to tanks and adjacent areas.

Level measurement guide

Level Measurement Guide: Complete level solutions

Siemens offers the most comprehensive product range for monitoring your processes, with solutions for even the most difficult applications. Siemens offers products utilizing ultrasonics, radar, guided wave radar, capacitance, point level, gravimetric and hydrostatic technologies.

Siemens Point Level

Siemens Point Level products can help petroleum facilities meet the American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice API-RP-2350.  If required, some products such as the Pointek CLS200 and SITRANS LVL200, carry a SIL-2 safety rating.

Key Applications

Siemens Point Level products are ideal for the measurement of the following:  Liquids, slurries, powders, granules, cement, food, aggregate, milling, mining, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pressurized applications, solids in liquids interface, high temperature and hazardous areas.

Pointek CLS200 level measurement transmitter

Pointek CLS200 - Precise and versatile

Pointek CLS200 is ideal for level detection of liquids, solids, slurries, foam, pump control and interfaces in general process and high chemical and physical conditions.

Pointek CLS300 level transmitter brochure

Pointek CLS300 - Hot levels, harsh conditions

Inverse frequency shift capacitance level switch.

The Pointek CLS300 is the ideal level switch for harsh process conditions with high chemical and physical abuse where reliability and accuracy are critical for safe and economical operation.