Ultrasonic Level Transmitter and Controller measurement

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters and Controllers

Siemens offers a wide selection of Ultrasonic level transmitter and controller devices and supports you with extensive application expertise. Our continuous level measurement portfolio includes user-friendly and highly reliable transmitters, and a broad range of controllers — from single-point controllers to systems that monitor up to 10 measuring points — and many different transducers.

Cost of water webinar

What are your daily pumping routines costing you? For more information on calculating energy costs and how to utilize pump controllers to reduce operating costs check out our cost of water calculators.

LU240 Press Release

The future of ultrasonic technology is here - SITRANS Probe LU240

The newest ultrasonic transmitter is packed full of benefits: superior and reliable performance, fully encapsulated sensor, maintenance free, low energy set up, auto-false echo suppression, easy to install, quick commissioning and ready for digitalization.

SITRANS Probe LU240: When value and performance meet

Ultrasonic Level Video

HydroRanger 200, MultiRanger 200 enhancements

The best just got better.

Meet the enhanced HydroRanger 200 and MultiRanger 200

Easier to use, easier to set up. Just plain better.

For close to thirty years the HydroRanger 200 and MultiRanger 200 have been industry standards for level measurement in water/wastewater applications. Now we have made the best even better.

LUT400 Energy

Cutting pump operation energy costs with new ultrasonic controller

SITRANS LUT400, helps wastewater treatment facilities save significant amounts of money each year. For a water or wastewater treatment plant pumping is one of the most expensive parts of day to day operations. SITRANS LUT400 features two models that control economy-pumping regimes: SITRANS LUT430 and SITRANS LUT440.

SITRANS LU150/LU180 ultrasonic level transmitter

Simple to use, easy to install. The low maintenance solution.

Cost-effective, non-contacting level measurement with the SITRANS LU150

Designed primarily for liquid applications in the environmental, water/wastewater, and energy management industries, the device is ideal for non-contacting continuous level measurement of liquids and slurries in open or closed vessels.

IP68 rated, the SITRANS LU150 has a rugged, fully encapsulated PVDF sensor that is resistant
to corrosion, chemicals, and extreme shock.

Introducing the worlds most accurate Ultrasonic Controller for level measurement

Siemens line of Ultrasonic level transmitters and controllers now adds the SITRANS LUT400 series. These ultrasonic controllers with one-millimeter (0.04-inch) measuring accuracy offer the highest accuracy available on the market and ensure consistently precise measurements. The compact, single point ultrasonic controllers continuously monitor and control level in liquids, solids, or slurry applications for a wide range of industries. The controllers are available in three models: the SITRANS LUT420 Level Controller, SITRANS LUT430 Level, Pump, and Flow Controller, and SITRANS LUT440 High Accuracy Open Channel Monitor (which also provides a full suite of advanced level, volume, and pump controls). The series is suitable for an array of applications, including those in water/wastewater treatment facilities, manufacturing processes, and industrial storage.

Ultrasonic level measurement epub

Understanding Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Download an electronic version of our Ultrasonic level measurement book, directly compatible with most major ereaders and ereader software

A comprehensive pocket guide to ultrasonic level measurement.

Stephen Milligan, B.Sc.
Henry Vandelinde, Ph.D

SITRANS AW210 WirelessHART adapter

The SITRANS AW210 is a WirelessHART adapter that allows up to eight standard wired HART devices or one 4 .. 20 mA to be connected to a WirelessHART network.

With over 35 million devices installed worldwide, HART technology is the most widely used field communication protocol for intelligent process instrumentation.