Radar Level Transmitters

SITRANS LR, Probe LR, LG Guided Wave Radar

Radar Level Transmitter - guided wave radar article

Microwave Radar Level Transmitter Technology for Level Measurement - What's it all about?

Why is microwave radar so popular for measuring level? Radar level transmitter technology is non-contacting and low maintenance. Because microwaves require no carrier medium, they are virtually unaffected by the process atmosphere (vapor, pressure, dust, or temperature extremes). Radar level sensors provide reliable continuous level measurement for short- to long-range applications.

SITRANS LR560 coal case study

SITRANS LR560 reliably monitors coal level in huge silo

A power plant in Texas uses the SITRANS LR560 to reach deeper into the silo than other radar transmitters with the added benefit of simple installation and configuration.

SITRANS LR 250 Radar Level trasnsmitter chemical case study

Measuring the level of 93% sulfuric acid accurately with no compatibility issues

Chemical processing company in Texas uses the SITRANS LR250 Radar level transmitter with PVDF encapsulated horn antenna for sulfuric acid application.

SITRANS LR250 for liquids and slurries now has hygienic encapsulated antenna (HEA) version

SITRANS LR250 is your first choice for liquid level measurement in storage and process vessels up to 20 meters (66 ft.).  With a range of antennas, this transmitter can handle whatever you need.  The new flanged encapsulated antenna (FEA) means corrosive and aggressive materials are no challenge for this transmitter.  In addition a new hygienic encapsulated antenna (HEA) is designed for the food & beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.