Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Check Metering Kits

FUP1010 Liquid Check Metering Kit (Slurries, Oil)

Most versatile check metering kit in the portfolio with applications ranging from slurries in the mining industry to crude and light hydrocarbons in the oil industry.

FUP1010 Water Check Metering Kit

Thanks to the inclusion of three different transducer pairs, the single channel SITRANS FUP1010 check metering kit for water and wastewater applications measures a wide range of liquids

FUE1010 Energy Check Metering Kit

The portable SITRANS FUE1010 Energy Check Metering Kit for the HVAC industry is the perfect tool for district energy cooling and chilled water applications as well as power plants.

FUG1010 Gas Check Metering Kit

The transportable dual channel SITRANS FUG1010 check metering kit is an invaluable tool in lost and unaccounted for (LAUF) analysis and flow survey verifications of gas.

Flowmeter Rental and Flow Measurement Services

Do you need to measure flow, but can’t cut into the pipe?  The Siemens clamp-on flowmeter rental program gives you a non-intrusive way to capture all of your required flow measurements.