Magnetic Flow Meters

Flow Measurement - Magnetic Flow meters

The SITRANS F M modular pulsed DC magnetic flow meters (magmeters) are well suited for compact or remote installation using the same transmitter and sensor. The ability to combine the various sensors and transmitters provides ideal flexibility for a wide variety of measurement tasks.

Ethernet IP Wireless gateway

SITRANS MAG6000 - Ethernet I/P Wireless Gateway

Siemens is introducing the ProtoAir Ethernet Industrial Protocol (IP) gateway for use with the SITRANS MAG 6000 Transmitters.

The ProtoAir Ethernet IP (EIP) wireless gateway provides a cost-effective interface to industrial communications. The ProtoAir easily interfaces with Siemens' existing Modbus protocol modules and supports implicit and explicit messaging with two-way, read and write communication

Verificator download

How do I know my flow meter is accurate?

Find out how to verify the performance of your magnetic flow meters on-site with the Siemens Verificator

Magnetic flow meter verificator article download

Custom Meter Configuration for SITRANS MAG8000 flow meter brochure

Custom Meter Configuration

Reducing cost with a flow meter designed specifically for you

Siemens Engineering Instrument Solutions (EIS) team is proud to offer new customized features for Siemens magnetic flowmeter including custom cabling, tagging, Meter ID numbers, programming and more.

Siemens Magmeter Selection Guide - Your best choice

Siemens offers a range of electromagnetic flow meters for the measurement of electrically conductive fluids. A wide range of transmitters and sensors are available to configure flow meters needed for applications in a wide range of industries such as water & wastewater, chemicals, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, pulp and paper, power and utilities.

MAG 8000 magnetic flow meter for Irrigation

World-class battery solutions for accurate water metering virtually anywhere

Manage water distribution and billing more cost-efficiently with the SITRANS FM MAG 8000 battery-operated magnetic flow meter.

SITRANS FM Magnetic flow meter brochure

SITRANS F M Electromagnetic Flow Meters - modularity for every application

Flexible solutions for more than 30 years.

Choosing the right flow meter for the right application dramatically improves your operations and your bottom line.

Mag 5100W, Mag 8000 brochure

Ideal for challenging Installations

Trust the SITRANS MAG 5100W and MAG 8000 for proven accuracy in non-standard pipe configurations.