Coriolis flow meter solution for custody transfer

National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP)

Siemens is pleased to announce the next generation of custody transfer (CT) Coriolis flow measurement

Coriolis mass flow meter Press

Custody transfer approvals are mandated by the US National Conference on Weights and Measures. To be considered for approval, a series of tests are conducted that evaluates whether the devices are capable of meeting applicable custody transfer requirements in commercial applications.

The NTEP CT certificate pertains to devices that are used for selling, purchasing, exchanging custody transfer and/or establishing the cost of services for hire on the basis of a measurement. If money is exchanged or if there is ownership of materials in a pipeline in the U.S., then an NTEP CT certificate is required.

The SITRANS FC430 is one of the most compact Coriolis flow solutions on the market today. It offers flow accuracies of 0.1% of rate, and because of its size, the SITRANS FC430 is able to provide extra flexibility in new and retrofit CT applications. Additionally, the SITRANS FCT030 transmitter delivers NTEP-approved multi-parameter measurements that measure mass flow and volume flow with enhanced efficiency, simplicity and security.

Simplicity is maintained with the SITRANS FC430’s innovative and user-friendly support tools, which provides direct access to operational, configuration and functional data. With the SITRANS FC430’s unparalleled accuracy, capacity under high pressure and hazardous conditions, the SITRANS FC430 sensor sets a new standard for efficiency and safety in liquid custody transfer flow measurement.