The SITRANS FC330 digital Coriolis flow system  enhances your productivity by increasing the efficiency of every liquid and gas process. The result is a cutting-edge flowmeter at the top of its class in accuracy and reliability.

The digitally based FC330 features market-leading accuracy of 0.1% or 0.2% and density accuracy of 2 kg/m³, high immunity against process noise, low pressure loss, an extremely stable zero point and a best-in-class 100 Hz data update rate.

The FC330 simplifies your day-to-day operation with features like an easy-to-navigate graphic display, an integrated USB port and a removable SensorFlash® microSD card, which provides direct access to all data, certificates and audit trails.

The meter comes complete with 18 different pre-programmed fraction flow settings, including Brix, Plato, alcohol percentage and Baume. It can also reliably measure a variety of liquids containing up to 10% aeration due to its advanced driver circuit and high-speed signal transfer.

The FC330 flow system is available as standard with Profibus DP/PA, Modbus RS485 or 4-20 mA analog output with HART. Additional input/output functions can be configured freely for analog, pulse, frequency, relay or status. The complete system can be ordered for standard or hygienic service

The FC330 flowmeter consists of a SITRANS FCS300 sensor and a SITRANS FCT030 transmitter.




DN15 (½")
DN25 (1")
DN50 (2")
DN80 (3")
DN100 (4")
DN150 (6")


±0.10% or ±0.20%



Density accuracy

2 or 10 kg/m 3

Flow range

DN15: 8,000 kg/h (17,600 lb/h)
DN25:  35,000 kg/h (77,000 lb/h)
DN50: 90,000 kg/h (198,000 lb/h)
DN80: 250,000 kg/h (550,000 lb/h)
DN100: 520,000 kg/h (1,146,404 lb/h)
DN150: 860,000 kg/h (1,895,975 lb/h)


Wetted parts: 316L stainless steel; C4 (2.4610) nickel alloy or C22 (2.4602) nickel alloy 
Enclosure: 304 L stainless steel

Pressure rating

All sizes: 1,450 psi (100 bar)

Temperature rating

All sizes: -58 to +400 °F (-50 to +205 °C )

Sensor Enclosure Rating

IP 67 (NEMA 4X)


Hazardous: ATEX, IECEx, cCSAus
Hygienic (DN 25-80): EHEDG


Compact or remote


Profibus DP/PA, Modbus RS485, HART


Up to 4 channels combining analog, relay or digital outputs and binary input


Advanced HMI with multiple language support

Power Supply

Self-switching AC/DC; automatically detects supply voltage

Special features

Aerated flow filtering, high-speed data logging, advanced diagnostics, dosing and fraction


  • Direct integration – into DCS automation systems via Profibus 4.0, Modbus, HART 7.2 or as a standalone solution

  • Space-saving – compact sensor design with a remote installation option provides the opportunity for optimal transmitter location

  • SensorFlash® – comprehensive removable memory functions (microSD card)  
    - Calibration certificates  
    - Pressure and material test certificates (as ordered)  
    - Non-volatile memory backup of operational data  
    - Transfer of user configuration to other flowmeters
    - Data logging functionality

  • Hygiene approved – EHEDG-approved hygienic sensor for sizes DN 25-80; external cleanability, couplings

  • Global service network – for expert-level support whenever and wherever you need it

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