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Instrumentation for the chemical industry brochure

Setting new standards in safety and efficiency

Lifecycle instrumentation solutions for chemical production

Safe, efficient oversight of chemical plants and processes represents on of the most pressing challenges in the development of a sustainable future.

One stop shop brochure

Setting the standard with measuring systems

Process Instrumentation, process analytics, weighing technology - The One-Stop Shop

In field instrumentation, maximum precision and absolutely reliable measurement results are key to increasing the efficiency of your plant and improving product quality. Siemens offers a globally unique range of transmitters for field instrumentation.

PDM Maintenance Station

Plant asset management for smart field devices

SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station V3.0

Efficient service and maintenance of intelligent field devices.Siemens offers the right solution for efficiently monitoring the condition of smart field devices, irrespective of the automation and control systems used.

Flow Measurement Guide

Complete flow solutions - Flow measurement guide

The right instrument for every application.

Accurate, reliable, and rugged process instrumentation; the eyes and ears of digitalization. Combined with Industry 4.0, Siemens field instruments provide the best of both worlds: high-performance devices complemented by innovative digital solutions.

Level Measurement Guide

Complete level solutions

A new level of experience in all of your applications.

Siemens provides a complete range of level measurement devices all backed by our global support network, providing experienced sales and technical assistance when and where you need it.

Flow and Energy Meter for HVAC brochure

Take Control of your HVAC system with cost-saving flow and thermal energy meters

Because you can't manage what you don't measure

Our diverse portfolio of flow and thermal energy meters provides the real-time data you need to assess your operational efficiency and more effectively manage your energy usage.

Ethernet IP

SiemensEtherNet/IP Wireless gateway

Siemens Ethernet IP (EIP) wireless gateway provides a cost effective interface to Building Communications Management Systems. Each gateway is delivered pre-configured for customer requirements with no additional programming necessary.

Process Instrumentation for the grain industry

For the love of grain - solutions for the grain industry

Safety and profitable growth are not incompatible, and Siemens range of process instrumentation and analytical devices delivers solutions to both of these challenges facing the grain industry.

Process Instrumentation for pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry

Process Instrumentation & Analytics for pharmaceuticals, food and beverages 

Best-in-class products for hygienic industries

When hygiene is "mission critical" for food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers, partnering with Siemens gives the precision, integration and reliability

Valve Positioners Line Card

Valve Positioners Line Card

Siemens has a large family of conventional pneumatic positioners and accessories. These field proven positioners, volume boosters, transducers and filter regulators have been providing reliable service for decades.

pneumatics line card

Pneumatics Line Card

Field proven regulators, flow controllers, relays, transducers and filters for applications in process control and manufacturing such as calibration stands, valve control circuits, I/P transducers and air filters.

Clamp-on Flow meter services

Reliable service you can count on, for your SITRANS Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flowmeters

Siemens offers a comprehensive service package ideally suited to meet your needs.

Siemens offers services such as:

  • Start-up assistance

  • Flow surveys

  • Hands-on training

  • Equipment rentals

Advantage Plus Brochure

Siemens PI Advantage+: Giving our customers a competitive advantage

Siemens is constantly looking for innovative ways to make our customer's more competitive by reducing costs and providing solutions. Advantage+ is a program designed to help take the unexpected out of daily business with Advantage+ Shipping, Stock and Support.

Extended warrranty program brochure

Having Peace of Mind Advantage+ Support

Process Instrumentation Extended Warranty reduces risks and protects your investments. Eliminate unpredictable service fees with the Siemens' Extended Warranty.


Explore the future of flow measurement

SITRANS FC430 - the most compact NTEP approved Coriolis flow meter

Building on a strong tradition of innovative thinking, Siemens has designed the next generation of Coriolis flow meters for excellence in performance, safety and user-friendliness.

SITRANS FM Magnetic flow meter brochure

Flexible Solutions - for more than 30 years

Combine and optimize your solutions with SITRANS FM electromagnetic flow meters.

Siemens is your partner for integrating business processes across all levels and helping you create your competitive advantage. Choosing the right flow meter for the right application dramatically improves your operations…and your bottom line.

Irrigation brochure

Cost-efficient solutions for water consumption

For the Irrigation Industry, keeping an eye on water consumption is more important than ever. It is necessary for custody transfer, leakage protection, distribution and more.

MAG8000 Water Meter brochure

Battery-powered, reliable and cost efficient

SITRANS F M MAG 8000 water meter for long-term accuracy.

The MAG 8000 portfolio of battery-operated flow meters combines world-class performance with a low cost of ownership, tailored to meet the needs of specific water applications.


World-class battery solutions for accurate water metering virtually anywhere

Manage water distribution and billing more cost efficiently with the MAG 8000 water meter.

To enhance operational efficiency, improve billing accuracy and significantly reduce costs, the MAG 8000 includes built-in wireless communications.

SITRANS PS2 Valve Positioner with Stainless Steel Housing - Brochure

More robust than ever: Our SIPART PS2

The SIPART PS2 with flameproof stainless steel enclosure is the newest member of the positioner family.

The robust 316L stainless steel housing is made specifically for harsh operating environments, including the oil & gas and marine industries.


Hydrostatic level measurement with our SITRANS LH300

The SITRANS LH300 submersible sensor for hydrostatic level measurement measures the liquid level in tanks, containers, channels and dams.

Technical service agreement for weighing systems

Technical Service Agreements for Weighing Systems

Siemens Technical Service Agreement (TSA) for weighing systems can help boost your business's operating efficiency, reduce down time and widen your competitive edge.

SITRANS LVL100 - liquid level switch

SITRANS LVL100/LVL200 - Reliable liquid detection

SITRANS LVL100 and LVL200 are vibrating liquid level switches for high, low, and demand level alarms and pump protection for liquid applications.

Chemical Industry Solutions brochure

Chemical Industry Solutions

Complete offering - products, solutions and services.

For chemical manufacturers, digitalization presents a challenge and an opportunity.  The time is now to invest in future-proof solutions that enable you to stay competitive.

Siemens one-stop-shop flyer

Siemens . .. your one-stop-shop

Siemens is your one-stop partner for field instrumentation and analytics. Siemens backs up every instrument with top of the line service and support.


Every drop of water and every unit of energy counts

Environmental: Water

Siemens’ instrumentation offers you the technology to put you in control. We not only give you accuracy and reliability of measurement but also the reassurance of seamless integration from the planning and engineering phase to operation and modernization.

Process instrumentation solutions for oil and gas

Drill down to higher profitability

Lifecycle solutions for upstream oil & gas

For today’s upstream operators, efficiency is the key to profitability. Innovative yet cost-effective process instrumentation from Siemens can help you to do more with less by improving the efficiency of every application - from separators and filters to storage tanks and chemical trucks.

Magnetic flow meter for chemical industry - MAG F M 3100P brochure

Dedicated for the Chemical Industry

The electromagnetic flow meter solution with devoted features. Choose the reliable Siemens solution offering pre-configuration, comprehensive diagnostics and outstanding service, worldwide.

Engineering Solutions

Custom-Engineered Solutions

Leverage Siemens' know-how to meet your process control challenges.