Gas Analyzer Products Training

Analyzer Products Training: Real world situations in a lab environment

Process Analyzer Operation and maintenance training

Siemens experts are available with a variety of training courses and to help you understand gas chromatography and continuous gas analysis and how to operate and maintain your Siemens analytical products. Siemens offers both introductory and advanced courses several times a year.

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Training Courses

Siemens provides a range of products and services in support of our Process Gas Analyzers. All our training courses are designed to improve the performance of the people who work on these analyzer systems. Those who configure, operate, or maintain gas analyzers will find the courses designed to meet their needs.

Training Philosophy

Each course builds the students technical skills and increases their knowledge of specific analyzer systems. Extensive hands-on labs allow us to emulate or simulate real-world analyzer problems.  We build training environments that allow the students to experiment, make mistakes, learn and have fun. All instructors have hands-on field experience and are factory trained.

Training courses utilize:

  • Tutorial: Instructors provide background information crucial to understanding the system

  • Demonstration: Instructors demonstrate equipment displays and other information systems

  • Hands-on: Students spend 30-50% of class time operating the equipment in real-world exercises.