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Failure Analysis

Siemens is pleased to announce to our customers an improvement in Siemens quality processes - a procedure by which customers can submit failed parts for detailed failure analysis.

Field Services - Installation, Start-up, Commissioning, Service Agreements

Field Services

Our Installation and Start-up services get you up and online, while keeping you on schedule.  With comprehensive expertise and dedication to meeting yor schedule, our technicians will start up your Siemens products and systems with full inspections and conduct verification and functional testing of your system.

Our commissioning services are designed to protect your system and its applications, while ensuring your product and system components are performing as designed.

In today’s cost-conscious business environment, our customer service agreements provide an attractive way for you to manage and reduce costs in ways that can be specifically designed to fit your needs.

Field Installation Team for Process Analytics

Field Installation Team for Process Analytics

Optimize installation of analytical systems and reduce total cost of ownership

The Field Installation Team (FIT) at Siemens Analytical Products and Services can help with the addition or modification of processing equipment while maintaining focus on plant efficiency, reliability, availability, and safety. With a unique blend of expertise in analytical technologies and installation applications, Siemens provides a wide range of installation and consulting services.

Front End Engineering and Design (FEED)

Front End Engineering and Design (FEED)

Siemens Process Analytics brings a unique blend of expertise in analytical technologies, applications and complete solutions to many industries.  Siemens offers a wide scope of FEED for Process Analytics consulting services to reduce costs, save time and improve plant efficiency.

FEED for Process Analytics is offered in three modules which typically include:

  • Project Review

  • Engineering Concept

  • Alternatives Review

Remote Performance and Verification

With a click of your mouse, you can keep your analytical products and systems performing at peak efficiency anywhere on the globe thanks to the Siemens Remote Performance and Verification Services.

Spare Parts

Ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter FUE1010 Energy

Downtime costs money. When your equipment goes offline, our domestic and international distribution centers can provide you with quick turn-around on spare parts. The support you need is available when you need it . . . 24/7.

The Spare Parts List is a tool that is intended to help users identify spare parts quickly and easily. The list is contained within a menu driven help file.

Spare Parts Inventory Audit

Our Analyzer Spare Parts Inventory Audit is Fast, Comprehensive and Free! Siemens wants to help you manage and mitigate the risks associated with the inventory you hold, and put you in control of costs. That’s why our Spare Parts Inventory Audit is conducted by Siemens experts, with a written report back in your hands within a week of an on-site inspection! It can be conducted in a single day, and it’s a completely free service!

Siemens Spare Parts Inventory Audit is a 4-step Process:

  • Pre Audit

  • Audit

  • Report

  • Consultancy

To learn more about this free service, contact your sales representative ( today!

Continuous Gas Analyzer (CGA) Rental Program

Continuous Gas Analyzer Rental Program

Siemens CGA Rental Program provides a fast, cost-effective strategy for bringing critical analytic processes back online virtually overnight. Simply contact us, and we will ship a ready-to-install CGA rental to meet your immediate needs while your inoperable unit is being serviced in our facility.

Gas Chromatograph Repair and Valve Renewal Services

Why repair when you can renew?

Siemens can completely reconstruct your Model 11, 20, and 50 series valves to meet our highest factory specifications. This is achieved by using factory-direct parts, many of which are exclusively available to Siemens and are not sold except as a part of this renewal process.

Gas Chromatograph Legacy Services

Ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter Precision Volume Oil FUH1010

More than just a site audit or trade-up allowance, when you choose the Legacy program from Siemens you are choosing experience, proven engineering, and a comprehensive range of solutions.

  • Experience – Siemens has more than 80 years of analytical experience in the chemical and refining industry

  • Engineering – Siemens offers a combination of solid application experience and state-of-the-art technology

System Integration

Process analytics System Integration

To be effective and stay within budget, today’s solutions need to include the integration of hardware, software, training, and support. With our comprehensive resources, global locations, long history, and wide-ranging experiences, Siemens is uniquely qualified to do exactly that.

Instructions, Manuals and Installation Videos

Instructions and Manuals are available from the USA site and Global Support Portal


Siemens provides a range of products and services in support of our Process Gas Analyzers. All of our training courses are designed to improve the performance of the people who work on these analyzer systems. Those who configure, operate, or maintain these analyzers will find the courses designed to meet their particular needs.

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