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Process Analytical Instruments, Catalog AP01 2018 specification sheets are available for download.

Gas analyzer - Ultramat-Oxymat 6

ULTRAMAT 6 IR Carbon Monoxide analyzer successfully passes Methods Validation (MV) for testing Carbon Monoxide in Nitrogen, NF

The ULTRAMAT 6 has been demonstrated to be suitable for use and to be at least equivalent to the NF method and therefore satisfies the requirement for equivalency.

The ULTRAMAT 6 was tested by an independent testing laboratory and the final test data is available for review. The positive result should allow the gas analyzer to be used in the monitoring of Hospital grade N2 as sold by Industrial gas manufacturers such as  Mathesson.


The ULTRAMAT 6 and ULTRAMAT/OXYMAT 6 have also been tested for safety related monitoring of plants in accordance with SIL 2 requirements for hardware and software. The tests were carried out by the external institute, Risknowlogy according to IEC 61508/IEC61511. These products can be ordered as of now.

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