For continuous measurement of hydrogen and noble gases, CALOMAT 6 gas analyzer measures the thermal conductivity of the sample gas mixture to calculate the concentration. Only binary gas mixtures can be measured directly.

The CALOMAT 6 can carry out internal cross correction after transmission of the external measuring results - there is no need for an external computer. The CALOMAT 6 is notable for its high measuring range dynamics (e.g. 0-1 % and 0-100% H2, can be parameterized) and a low T90 time.

CALOMAT 6 is a high-end analyzer available in a 19" design or in a robust field unit for mounting in the open air. With its additional monitoring unit, the CALOMAT 6 field unit is suitable for Ex zone 1 or 2.  The analyzers can easily be added to an integrated automation system via RS 485, PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA interfaces, and can be parameterized and operated using the PDM tool.

For fast and easy maintenance, the analyzers can communicate with the Siprom GA software tool that is integrated into the Ethernet via TCP/IP.


Max. number of components



e.g. H2, He

Smallest measuring range

0-1 %


19" rack unit / Field housing


  • Small T90 time due to micromechanical-produced Si sensor

  • Universally applicable hardware basis, high measuring range dynamics (e.g. 0 to 1 %, 0 to 100 %, 95 to 100 % H2)

  • Integrated correction of cross-interference, no external calculation required

  • Open interface architecture (RS 485, RS 232, PROFIBUS)

  • SIPROM GA network for maintenance and service information (option)

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