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Gas Chromatographs (GC)

Maxum Edition II

Si 001-Setting Maxum Daylight Saving Time Switch-over

Setting Maxum Daylight Saving Time Switch-over


Digital outputs with Maxum and MicroSAM

Si77c Maxum Model 50-SSO_Rev1

Operation Description: Model 50-SSO Valve


Maxum II Heater AC Circuit


Maxum II FID-DPM und I²C failure during startup

Maxum/MicroSAM Modbus Transmission

Si110c-Maxum-Duplication of EZChrom Integration

Duplication of EZChrom Integration Events on Importing a Method 

Si121c-Maxum I2C Troubleshooting-Rev1

Overview of Maxum’s I2C Bus and Communication Protocol

Program Table: runstream attribute

When operating a MaxBasic program from the HMI, it is possible to enter the desired operation stream on the Details screen

Release of System Controller, Version 2 (SYSCON 2)

This bulletin announces the release of the new System Controller hardware and software (SYSCON2) for the Maxum edition II gas chromatograph

Maxum Compact Flash Issues

Failures of System Near Electronics (SNE) Boards

Maxum Known Issues for version 4.2 Software

Windows Vista Compatability Issue with Maxum Workstation Software

Si183c-Maxum-PTGC Flow Restrictor Nut

Programmed Temperature Gas Chromatograph (PTGC) Air Flow Restrictor Nut for Maxum II TI and Vortex Applications 

SI-187c - Maxum 4.3 and 5.0 Workstation Patch Issue

The patch fixes several known issues with the new software release and should be loaded on all instances of Workstation 4.3/5.0

Maxum Q PLOT Column Replacement

SI-184c - Maxum 5.0 and MicroSam 3.0: IP Addressing Issue

The Maxum 5.0 and MicroSAM 3.0 software required on the newly released Syscon 2 reacts differently with regard to certain IP addressing setup procedures

SI-189c - Maxum Workstation Windows 7 Patch 2

This is the procedure for installing Maxum Windows 7 workstation patch on a 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7 workstation

Si-190c-Maxum-SNECON-and Syscon-Replacement-Detail-Rev2
Maxum SNECON and Syscon Replacement Detail

Si191c-Maxum-Temperature Deviation on Ramping Heaters

Temperature Deviation on Ramping Heaters

SI-193c - Model 50 Valve Peak Shouldering

Model 50 Valve Peak Shouldering

SI-194c - Ethernet Switch Board Fiber (ESBF)

Ethernet Switch Board Fiber (ESBF)

SI-195c - Maxum 5.0 Workstation and Maxum 4.3 Update

Maxum 5.0 Workstation and Maxum 4.3 Update

SI-196c - Maxum Auto File Transfer Application - Rev 2

Maxum Auto File Transfer Application

Si198c-Maxum-Known Issues with CAC3 and Syscon 2

Know issues with CAC3 and Syscon 2

Si199c-Maxum-New EPC3 Release - Rev 2

Release of new Electronic Pressure Controller version 3 (EPC3)

Release of Maxum Workstation Software Versions 5.00.07 and 5.10.01

Application Personal Computer (APC) Issues on Newer Windows PC Operating Systems

Si202c-Maxum-Workstation-Patch-Release-5-10-02 and 5-10-10

Release of Maxum Workstation Software Patch Versions 5.10.02 and 5.10.10


Issues with EEPROM Load for Maxum II CIM Door


Differences between PSOS SNECON and the New Embedded SNE (EmSNE)


Installing and Operating Workstation Software on Windows 7 Operating System


Si134 MicroSAM Hardware changes

Complementary Service-Information for the MicroSAM – Part 3


Extension of the TCD lifetime

Implementation of a "Shutdown"- Procedure

Implementation of a detector-filament-monitoring

Sample Systems

Sample Systems Maintenance_1

Sample Systems Maintenance

Continuous Gas Analyzers (CGA)



Calomat 6/Ultramat 6/Ultramat 23: Factory settings for ELAN channels for dynamic x- interference correction


FIDAMAT 6: Maintenance of measurement gas pump type „Rietschle Thomas“


No Calibration Gas Bottles

F6_Start Up Procedeure

F6_Start Up Procedeure

NoxMat 600 CLD: NOX Converter Efficiency

With regard to EPA compliance and quality assurance (QA) of a 40CFR60 CEMS, an important parameter known as "convertor efficiency" is explained

Additional Information

Introductory letter from Dean V. Davis Ph.D. Process Analytics Quality Manager

Siemens is pleased to announce to our customers a new improvement in Siemens quality processes.  Siemens has now established a procedure by which customers can submit failed parts for detailed failure analysis. 

All Siemens parts are designed to have very high reliability and field failure is not expected to occur often.  However, Siemens desires to ensure that these design goals are continuously achieved in actual field service.  Therefore, this procedure is useful when customers believe they are seeing repeated or similar failures of a particular part which might indicate a change or decline in normal parts quality.  Using this method, customers can assist in calling Siemens’ attention to such possibilities, and help ensure that Siemens parts maintain highest performance and reliability.