Acoustic Sensors for Process Protection

Pump monitoring and material flow monitoring

Acoustic sensors detect inaudible, high frequency acoustic emissions generated by friction and impact, or materials in motion. Process protection devices can be an early warning system to avoid costly process interruptions and breakdowns of equipment.  Non-contacting acoustic and motion sensors detect changes in motion and speed of conveying, reciprocating and rotating machinery.

Rugged construction makes these sensors impervious to dust, dirt, build-up and moisture.  They are low in maintenance and easy to install.  Siemens process protection devices provide superior cost-effective protection. 

Acoustic Sensors

SITRANS DA400 Acoustic Sensor for continuous monitoring of pumps, motion sensors

SITRANS DA400 Acoustic Sensor

SITRANS DA400 for continuous monitoring of oscillating positive displacement pumps. The diagnostic system detects even tiny leaks in the delivery valves.

SITRANS AS100 Acoustic Sensor for solids flow monitoring, motion sensors

SITRANS AS100 Acoustic Sensor

SITRANS AS100 is an acoustic sensor used for solids flow detection by monitoring changes in high frequency sound waves from equipment and materials in motion.

SITRANS CU02  alarm control for AS100 Acoustic Sensor, motion sensors

SITRANS CU02 Alarm Control Unit

SITRANS CU02 is an alarm control unit, for use with SITRANS AS100 acoustic sensor, that provides reliable continuous protection for bulk solids flow.

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