Load Cells Overview

Load Cells: Wide range, simple installation – our load cells score points all along the line

Our SIWAREX WL200 and SIWAREX R ranges provide a wide selection of different designs: from platform load cells to bending and shear beam, s-type and compression cells. Our range is rounded off by mounting units which protect the load cell against overloads or transverse loads and which greatly simplify assembly.

SIWAREX PLC-based weighing electronics provide a range of processors for force measurements, hopper, batching, bagging, bagging, belt scales and solids flow meters. Stand-alone integrators are also suitable for belt scales, weighfeeders and solids flowmeters.

SIWAREX WL 200 Series Load cells brochure


The right load cell for every application

Using the proven Siemens automation solutions and SIWAREX weighing systems, you can automate all your scales.

SIWAREX Load Cell WL270 flyer

A specialist for extreme applications

SIWAREX WL270 K-S CA: Your load cell for specialized application requirements.

Heavy loads, extreme temperatures, special security demands: our new load cell options are your solution for challenging conditions.

Weighing and feeding guide

Weighing and Feeding Guide

Complete solutions for a world of weighing applications.

Crushed stone? We can do that. Ore? That too. Cement? Coal? Food? Chemicals? Absolutely. With our field-proven weighing electronics, load cells, conveyor belt scales, solids flow meters, and
weighfeeders, Siemens can weigh anything and everything. Come with us as we show you how.