Weighing Electronics

Integrators, communication software and weighing modules

Weighing Electronics

From stand-alone integrators to PLC-based weighing modules Siemens offers weighing electronics for integrating weighing and proportioning into your automation system.

Weighing Terminal SIWAREX WT231 and WT241 Brochures

WT231 Weighing Terminal

The new compact class in weighing technology

SIWAREX WT231: The new weighing terminal is a stand-alone package that is comprised of two tried-and-tested components - flexible weighing electronics and user-friendly Siemens Touch Panel.

WT241 Weighing Terminal

The new compact class for belt scale applications

SIWAREX WT241 not only has the right package, but also the right content: User-friendly Siemens belt scale terminal with Siemens Touch Panel in a stainless steel housing.

WT231 and WT241 Weighing Terminals

Control and your fingertips with SIWAREX WT231 and WT241 weighing terminals

A stand-alone weighing display for accurate weighing measurements, the Siemens SIWAREX WT231 and WT241 weighing terminals are easy to program with the Siemens Touch Panel.

Siwarex success story

Components from Siemens, the easiest weigh

More efficient plant operation with the SIWAREX WT231 weighing module

A machine builder turned to Siemens for the components they needed to build a custom-designed scale for use in weighing assemblies up to 2000 pounds.