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Jeff Sibley
Jeff Sibley
Guy Burnaman
Guy Burnaman


The Siemens Automation User Community is a collection of individuals from many industries with various applications. This community is a body of Siemens users and Siemens employees who network and share best practices. 

The community is represented by a User Advisory Board (UAB). Using your input, Siemens and the UAB influence products and services to ensure that they continue to meet all of your needs and expectations. Jeff Sibley of Dow Chemical  is the USA Advisory Board Chair. Guy Burnaman of DuPont is the USA Advisory Board Co-Chair.


Specific board members lead Siemens in the right direction by hosting charters based on the needs of Siemens users. The charters are:


User Events

Automation Summit - Website

Additional User Community Events: Siemens Process Automation Conference (SPACe) Global Community- Website

User Group Meeting in Houston: February 1, 2018 at Siemens Industry, Houston, TX

Stay Connected through our online community.

Visit the customer service and support site to register for the USA Online Community. This online community keeps you connected with specialized communities around the globe on an ongoing basis. It features valuable information on product improvements and enhancements and allows you to interact with other users in technical forums. This website also features the past presentations presented by users from our Automation Summit. Follow the instructions below in order to access:

Login to SIOS. If you are not a member of the User Community Site, use this link to access registration for the site:

If you are already members of the User Community site, login to SIOS ( and select ‘services’ in the upper right hand navigation (between product support and forum). Then the USA Online User Community will appear in the left hand navigation within content. Click on ‘USA Online User Community’ to be taken to that site.

Stay connected with our user advisory board members
Chair - Jeff Sibley, Dow Chemical
Co-chair - Guy Burnaman, DuPont
Director - Steve Morales, Siemens
Process Automation Council, Rich Chmielewski, Siemens

Discrete Automation Council, Bill Henderson, Siemens

Solution Partner Council, Peter Treible, Siemens