7 Reasons Why SIMATIC PCS 7 Safety is Your Choice for Process Safety

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Easily program, operate and maintain the system throughout the lifecycle of the plant


Variety of I/O options available for small, compact to large, remote applications


There's no need to conduct manual tests with automatic self diagnostics


Flexible support to multiple redundant architectures to prevent nuisance trips


SIL rated communication protocols protect against unauthorized interference


Capable of handling both safety and standard signals while maintaining safety


Wide range of safety rated field devices available

SIMATIC SIS Compact - affordable, fault tolerant and secure.

SIMATIC SIS compact was designed as a dedicated safety control system for Safety Instrumented Systems based on selected system components of SIMATIC PCS 7 and the SIMATIC Safety product portfolio. Click here to find out more information about our new product.

  • Our "New" stand alone, separate and independent Safety PLC for the Process Industry

  • TUV certified for both Safety (IEC 612508) and Security (IEC 62443-3)