Siemens is Your Choice for Process Safety

Process Safety Infographic

7 Reasons SIMATIC PCS 7 safety is your choice for process safety

  • Intuitive interface makes it easy to comply with OSHA's process safety management (PSM) requirements for documenting and managing your dedicated safety instrumented systems

  • Complete wide range of safety rated field devices flexible enough to stand alone and operate as an independent safety instrumented system (SIS)

  • Simple process safety with automatic self diagnostics which remove the need for manual proof tests

  • Scalable I/O options for small, compact to large and remote applications

  • Secure SIL rated communication protocols protect against unauthorized interference

  • Integrated handling of both safety and standard signals provides a cost effective motor management system for safety applications that require final control of low voltage process motors

  • Available flexibility to support multiple redundant architectures to prevent nuisance trips without compromising safety

Choosing Functional Safety Instrumentation

Certified, prior use or both? Fundamentals of VDI 2180. Can you justify using safety instrumentation?

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