Industrial Security

Today, process plants are either directly or indirectly connected to the Internet which puts operations, product quality, and profits at risk. Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 offers industrial cyber security features and capabilities to help defend your plant against potential threats.


Improved Engineering...

Processes that were secure in the past are now open to attack through open network protocols and open systems. These systems offer many advantages over closed, proprietary systems, however they are vulnerable without proper protection.

  • Integrated, comprehensive security solution, tailored to the specific requirements of your process plant.

  • Hardware and software to protect your assets and intellectual property from potential threats.

  • Use secure communication in your plant with our Achilles L2 communication rating. Learn more

Improved Operations...

You depend on your data to be correct and what you see on the screen to be true.  However, malware can present the operators with incorrect information and cause a threat to equipment and employees.  As a continuum of safety, security is just as important.

  • Defense-in-depth security concept increases protection & reduces risk, thereby increasing plant availability.

  • Complete Security Life-Cycle Support helps to protect your plant.

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