Distributed Control System Operations

Your HMI provides the information your operator needs to do their job effectively. With SIMATIC PCS 7, you're able to monitor your alarm management, trends and reporting, process historian, batch process control, and conduct plant asset management all from your operator station.

Increase Operator Efficiency

Operator Efficiency

Would you like to provide operators the ability to see the information they need wherever they need it? Want to focus your operators on the key performance indicators with a simple graphical approach? How can effective trending, reporting, navigation and system archiving help improve your production?

Simplify Data Archiving and Reporting

Process Historian

Still recording process history by hand or using a third party application? Would you benefit from having an integrated historian that uses standard microsoft reporting tools?

Manage Alarms and Events

Alarm Management

Are you struggling with too many alarms and not sure what to do with them? Need to separate alarms from messages and events? Want your plant to comply with ISA-18.2?

Flexible Batch Automation

Batch Automation

Are you able to respond quickly to changing market conditions? Is product consistency a challenge for you? Become compliant with ISA-88 and FDA regulations.